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Meet our site’s admins who write about the music and artists they enjoy! When we aren’t hanging out here on the blog, you can often find us over at MusicBoomerang.com finding more music to listen to!



Embarrassed by his positioning at the front of the alphabetical ordering, Dspitzle is an eclectic collector of music, covering genres from bluegrass to punk to hip hop to Tuvan throat singing.  Aside from helping with the website he hopes he can keep up with the musical juggernauts he’s found himself running alongside.



Born in the 50’s, Raised in the 60’s, Came of age in the 70’s, Bored by the 80’s, Repeated in the 90’s, Rebirth in the in the aughts, Retrained in the teens. Watching the musical wheel go round.



Hurple was born at age zero at the tippy-top tail end of the psychedelic sixties in the uncharted wilds of the land between Nashville and Chattanooga Tennessee at a rest stop named Manchester. He grew up within sight of the acreage that now hosts the magical kingdom of Bonnaroo each June, but he’s only attended twice. In the past, he worked as on-air talent for WTTU-FM, WUTK-AM, and program director for WHOW-AM and FM as well as working in the production studio of WSMV-TV. He currently works as an information security analyst in Illinois, and lives in a hustling-bustling little speed-bump of a town best known for absolutely nothing.



Los has been an avid music fan and collector for more than 45 years.  During his lifelong musical odyssey, he has attempted to learn clarinet and cello, briefly fronted a band, worked in a record store, amassed some 7,000 titles on CD and vinyl, and attended dozens of live shows.  Los has been an active writer since graduating from journalism school in 1989. In addition to several years penning a weekly college football column, Los has produced numerous music-related pieces including album and concert reviews, curated playlists and compilation liner notes. He lives in Marietta, Georgia with his incredible wife, two amazing sons and one very high-strung dog.



Myrke reads about music, plays some music, but most often listens to music. Sometimes when he listens to music he feels he’s got to write about it. When he’s not writing for Spinning Boomerangs, he sometimes writes about his dollar bin finds on his blog ‘Rummaging Through the Dollar Bin’.


Phantom Trail

The Phantom Trail is a Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of five novels and four story collections. For years, he contributed music reviews and criticism to the L.A. WeeklyCreative Loafing, the Seattle Weekly, and numerous other publications. In Studio City, California, he founded and directs the StorytellingCrew project, which trains high school students to teach creative writing to younger children at area schools without the resources to offer it. He has also taught creative writing at the high school, university, and graduate school level for the past three decades. He lives with his family in the Los Angeles area, where he still haunts the Echo and the Teragram Ballroom and the Lodge Room as often as he possibly can.



The Zedlines come from different parts of the US and have blended their interests.  Mrs. Zedline brings her talent and experience in radio sales and promotions with WNIO-AM and KNYN-FM to Mr. Zedline’s half a century of collecting music.  The Zeds are spending their retired life administering musicboomerang.com,  visiting their adult daughter in the Pacific Northwest, going to car shows, seeing concerts and taking as many road trips as they are able to.  They call Albuquerque, NM home with their two cats, who don’t seem to mind what music they play.

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