Lightning on the Strings, Thunder on the Mic by Gangstagrass (Featuring T.O.N.E-Z)

Cover art from "Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On the Mic" by Gangstagrass (Featuring T.O.N.E.Z.)

  • An engaging mix of rap and bluegrass
  • Does an excellent job of finding common ground thematically between cowboy and “gangsta” mythologies
  • Standout tracks are That’s Right I’m Good, Click Ol’ Gun, and I Go Hard
  • Rating: 4 out of 5


One of my musical idiosyncrasies is a love for musical mashups, whether blends of two songs, covers that take a classic into a different direction, or artists who take two musical traditions and weave them together in new ways.  After Little Nas X’s “Old Town Road” threw Nashville into convulsions I went looking for more artists combining rap with country influences, and I gotta tell you, Gangstagrass delivers.